since 2003 EnSion EnSion - Michael Sandt, IT Freelancer (Trainer, Consultant, Architect, Operator, Problem Management, Engineer, ...) with more than 10 years expirience in enterprise infrastructure environments. Triple MCSE, MCITP EA, MCTS, ITIL Foundation.
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Long time Customers & Operation Tasks

  • Over the years a hole bunch of projects at different enterprise customers came along, but there are still times of normal enterprise business operation. This frame is collection of infrastructure operations I've worked or still working on. This are really my long time customers. Others are listed in the Customer Area.
    Every enterprise customer's ICT environment uses special hardware, software and technics - no worries i won't list them here. I only list my tasks, the duration, and the customer enterprise size.
  • Long time customer - since 2005 Service


    Tasks are Service Architecture, Service Design and as TSS be involved in Problem Management, Continuity Management and Service Review.
    Over the last 9 years, more or less than 50% a week in differnt Deliveries. The Customer has more than 300.000 employees, former blue and white - now a green box - from US.

    .. and since 2012 at the same Customer
    Technical Solution Specialist
    Technical Solution Specialist for Windows Backend, Clients and so forth, involved in different projects.
  • Long time customer - since 2003 Solution

    My Tasks are Continuity Management, Service Review and Monitoring.
    Over the last 11 years, more or less than 50% a week in Server Backend Operations. My Customer has more than 3.000 employees, red and white in Germany - Health Care Sector.
  • Long time customer - 1999 - 2005 Trainer
    Solution Specialist

    Training, Consulting, Book Author
    Trained enterprise employees, administrative staff and reeducation people in Microsoft and Linux software and services. Provided customer services and consultant activities for different companies.
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